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Building Life Long Partnerships  

Magma Plast is one of the fastest growing recycled plastic granules manufacturers & suppliers in Egypt.


Ever since its inception Magma Plast has been constantly evolving and growing forming long term partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers both in Egypt and globally.


Our aim is to become a leading global plastics recycling company in the production of recycled pellets.

Closing the loop is now the worldwide target, the plastics recycling market is highly dynamic, now a days most of the international companies are heading toward using the recycled raw material in their packaging product helping to reduce the footprint and the use of plastic. Mamga Plast offers Closed Loop Recycling Services that include shredding, washing  grind, pelletizing the plastic scrap, making it usable again.

We are committed to deliver regular quantities and quality .   

Magma Plast for Manufacture

Quick Facts


Magma Plast for Manufacture is a close stock market company based in Egypt authorized from the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of trade and licensed to export and import according to the Egyptian law.


Magma Plast is a proud member of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of the Chamber of Chemical Industries.


We have built partnerships with our customers both in Egypt & globally to supply them with Recycled plastic granules ensuring quality and prompt delivery.


Magma Plast for Manufacture is an environment-conscious company that aims to re-use the waste plastic that is often released in the environment. 


Throughout the years we have established partnerships and formed an extensive network of plastic waste suppliers, guaranteeing continues availability of raw material for our production and end customers. 


We ensure and guarantee the quality of our end product by following a rigorous  process in sourcing, production, storing and shipping.

Magma Plast for Manufacture

Piece no 59 - Zone A4

3rd industrial Area

10Th Of Ramadan City, Ash Sharqiyah, Egypt


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