"Ensuring Quality At Every Stage of Production

....Delivering Consistent End Product to Our Customers"

Magma Plast manufactures high-quality Recycled Post- Consumer (PCR) & Post Industril (PI) HDPE & LDPE granules.  We do not broker or trade low end contaminated recycled plastic.  Our extensive process is hands on with an extraordinary amount of effort and care.  We aim for zero returns and happy, productive customers.

1. Collecting & Sorting

Collecting: We directly collect a number of commercial and industrial plastic wastes on an agreed frequency.


Sorting: It is the very first step . Under this process plastic is sorted manually with respect to its (types, color and size).

3. Washing

Dirty materials are hot washed by modern and fully automated washing lines. Repeated washing to ensure plastic flakes are clean before palatalizing.

5. Testing

We have a keen understanding of the quality levels expected by the clientele and accordingly undertake the strictest 

 We test the material during and after pelletizing process to make sure that it is the same quality requested by our partners.

2. Grinding

Every Grinding job starts and ends with a rigorous cleaning of our equipment to ensure no contamination. It takes two employees an average of 6-8 hours before and after a run to do the job right.


Sorted material size is reduced into small pieces by using high capacity grinders

4. Pelletizing

Clean plastic flakes are granulated through high tech water ring extrudes get the final reprocessed pellets.

6. Warehousing & Logistics

Our warehousing facilities are further added with an excellent packaging arrangement to protect finished product and to ensure safety during warehousing and transportation according to industry norms and standard.


Our fool-proof packaging imparts protection and complete safety during warehousing and transportation

Magma Plast for Manufacture

Piece no 59 - Zone A4

3rd industrial Area

10Th Of Ramadan City, Ash Sharqiyah, Egypt


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